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Always there for us...

Eric provided outstanding service to my family. He always took the time to listen and address our concerns, via phone calls and emails. He and his assistant, Jocelyn, demonstrated compassion and patience during a very difficult time with my mother, who resides in Seattle. My sibling and I are out of state; Eric assisted us from afar, helping to manage my mother's affairs from a distance. He was extremely responsive, guiding, advising, and creating required documents. What a pleasure to know lawyers such as Eric are out there for us.
— Eve

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Eric was fabulous... compassionate, intelligent, understanding and a great advocate for me throughout my divorce! Jocelyn, his assistant did a fabulous job as well. Both were very responsive, caring, ethical, and thorough. I would highly recommend Eric and his team!

— Business Owner, Everett

Eric Olson is one of the good guys. One of the first things I noticed about him was that his letterhead said he was an attorney and counselor at law. I remember thinking "I hope the counseling part is right, because I need it!"

I was married for 22 years when my x-husband unexpectedly moved out of our home taking our daughter with him. At the time, our daughter was an at-risk teen, and was used as a pawn by her father during the divorce proceedings. Needless to say, I was distraught, without financial support, and alone in a home we had purchased only six months prior to my husband and daughter leaving. I was also on disability and still recovering from a very difficult surgery.

Although I initially filed for divorce with a local attorney, it became clear to me that I needed a “top-notch” family law attorney who would be able to understand the complicated issues in my case. I was referred to Eric and upon meeting him and his staff, knew immediately that he would be able to handle my case. His experience and knowledge was invaluable in dealing with family crisis, mental health issues, and a difficult opposing counsel. In fact, he referred me to a Parenting Support Group called Changes Insight. Since that time, I have become an active member of the group, and my relationship with my daughter is greatly improved.

Defense counsel fought us every step of the way, and Eric never lost his cool, or his ability to look at the whole picture calmly and with confidence. Before making any decisions, he would gather all of the pertinent data, consult with experts in the field (if necessary), and include me in the decision making process. When we had to go to court, he was well prepared and it was evident that his peers and the Judges respected him.

I spent nine months working closely with Eric navigating my way through mountains of paperwork, and dealing with irrational behavior. Eric encouraged me on every level to remain positive, to seek help in counseling and support groups, and to move forward in a healthy manner. He was instrumental in referring me to a financial planner /life coach, who helped me plan for my financial future.

Fortunately, we were able to reach a settlement in the divorce, and it has been several months since my divorce was final. I realize now that I was in a very abusive relationship, and the divorce was the best thing that could have happened to me. Because of Eric’s encouragement and support, as well as the support of other professionals and family members, I was able to work through the most difficult time in my life.

Eric and his wonderful staff (Malai, Carole, Pam), treated me with dignity, respect, compassion and understanding. I would highly recommend Eric to anyone who is dealing with family law matters. His experience, knowledge, and ability to deal with crisis situations certainly qualifies him as a "top-notch" attorney in my book.

— Former Paralegal, Seattle

My story is long and ugly...

I was married 24 years to a professional with an alcohol and substance abuse problem. During the good times the abusive behavior wasn’t as prevalent but as time went on, the kids grew older and as life’s stress increases; the abuse, dependency and associated lifestyle became intolerable. I had enough and needed out. I wanted to live in peace with a new lease on life.

I started the process by filing for an uncontested divorce by equally splitting the assets. Since there were two children under the age of 18, I requested legal custody for obvious reasons but offered equal, shared visitation. My wife thought otherwise, hired an attorney and the battle began.

Knowing there was no-way I could defend myself, I too needed an attorney to defend what I felt was best for the children and me. I started my quest for an attorney in the yellow-pages and online but that felt like aimlessly throwing darts. I kept my divorce rather private but at this point I was selectively reaching out to my network of friends and family for a hopeful referral.

A friend highly recommended her divorce attorney: Mr. Eric Olson. I called Mr. Olson and was able to talk with him for an hour and told him my story. Eric listened and offered his counsel. I felt very comfortable knowing that I had found an attorney with experience and most importantly, an attorney that offered real “counsel” in addition to legal guidance that would impact my life after divorce.

The 17-month journey began dealing with the dramatic and unpredictable events of an active drug abuser and alcoholic and balancing the delicate task of providing a calm, loving and stable home for the kids while maintaining a full-time demanding job. We held together and with the constant counsel from Mr. Olson, we weathered the storm and successfully made it through the process.

My divorce was incredibly stressful and unpredictable for me and my children, not to mention, I was totally naïve about the process. But with the experience, understanding, care, compassion, and guidance that Eric Olson provided, my end objectives were exceeded. I highly recommend Eric for your legal counsel.

— VP of wholesale company, Everett

My story is a testament to Eric’s legal adroitness and the human empathy he provides for clients. Eric’s efforts, sense of legal timing and incredibly accurate descriptions and documents navigated me through the ordeals of a divorce and delivered me as a whole person to the finish line. As we talked through the phases, Eric first laid out options, explained the legal frame of reference, answered my questions and then listened to my logic for proposed actions. Patiently he walked through his analysis, first giving an objective viewpoint of legal ramifications, as I was a newbie to the well worn path of divorce, and then subjectively he discussed my chosen course of action. The subjective portion dissected my logic and ran the course through to its conclusion. This enabled me to determine, objectively and upfront, how the scales of parity tipped either in her favor or mine. And then Eric let me decide the actions taken.

When proceedings and mediation were complete, Eric shook my hand and the case was closed. However, I have been fortunate enough since that day to maintain a dialogue of friendship these past few years with a talented, empathetic human who happens to be a great lawyer. He is that one per cent of the bar association maligned by the other ninety nine percent. You could not have a better ally, nor find a more resourceful professional than Eric when you want the best lawyer on your side.

—Systems Analyst, Bellevue

A friend referred Eric Olson to me back in December 2007, to review my recent separation…after a 29-year marriage and 3 now adult children. Eric took a personal and caring approach to my situation, by helping me learn to live on my own in a manner which I had never expected to experience. Eric spent time talking to me and also directed me to see an outside councilor, helping me understand myself as a newly recovering alcoholic.

Two months after my separation, my wife’s attorney served divorce paperwork to me which I gave to Eric for review. Eric’s first and number one focus was to see if there was any way to restore OUR marriage. Eric requested me to gather up all documents of our combined assets so he would be prepared to validate the total value of the estate. Eric responded to my wife’s attorney stating he would be representing me. Both attorneys requested the documentation from each of us. Eric found multiple errors in my wife’s reportings and was able to get them corrected.

Nine months into my divorce I had to leave the country to work in Europe. Eric and I kept in contact by email while we continued the negotiations, so no delays would occur. During this time there were some critical discrepancies with some of my wife’s stock values not being assessed accurately. Eric had to have an outside accountant review and correct the values.

My divorce became final prior my returning home. I felt very satisfied that the result was fair for both my wife and I.

— Fortune 500 company employee, Seattle